Am I required to transfer my domain registration to Your Site Team in order to use hosting and SSL? You are NOT required to move your domain registration to YourSiteTeam's control. You can keep... Are my name servers different subnets? The nameservers for our newly provisioned servers are different subnets. This means the IP's... Are your servers PCI compliant? ... Are your servers Unix / Linux, or Windows NT? All's shared accounts run on CentOS Linux x86, which is identical to Red Hat... Can I change servers if I don't like the one I am on? No, you may not request we change the server you are on. The shared servers are all the same,... Can I use flash on my site? Flash is a client-side application, which means it relies on each visitor's browser to have the... Do I really need a hosting company? provides you the hosting you need to place your website online, but can't a... Does support FastCGI ? To enable FastCGI on a your account, simply add "AddHandler fcgid-script" , and the extension... Does support mod_cloudflare? has installed mod_cloudflare across all of its servers. We have also made the... Does YourSiteTeam.comwork with Macs? Yes, it does. Everything on your account works on our servers, so it doesn't matter what your... Existing Customers: Adding a New Hosting Package To add a new hosting package to your existing billing account, you can order on our website and... How do I move with no downtime? ... How do I renew my hosting? You will be notified via email when your hosting plan is due for renewal. To ensure renewal, all... How many accounts per server? I cannot offer an estimate. We have multiple accounts on the servers, and it also depends what... How many websites can I build? There is no way to determine the number of websites you can host on our accounts. The number... How often do you update programs? We update each program as soon as our server administration team approves it. Often updates are... Is WYSIWYG available? What You See Is What You Get... WYSIWYG It's a type of HTML editor that lets you make web... Is it possible to install ionCube PHP Accelerator on shared server? This is not possible in a shared server environment. Is there any contract for hosting? ... Movable Type blog, can I host it? Yes, movable type blogs can be hosted on any of our hosting plans. Typical requirements are:... Prepare to leave your old host What to do before leaving your other host and coming to Here is a simple check...
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